Thank you 🔷 @ramyrainier 🔷. I never get used to seeing the pyramids just plunked out there in the middle of the flat desert. Amazing history.
When the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built it was 146 meters (480 feet) tall. Time has worn the pyramid down to 138 meters (455.4 feet) and it still continues to erode. The pyramid was once covered with limestone that was polished and believed to be left white. The sides of the pyramid are carefully positioned to point north, south, east, and west. The base of the pyramid has sides that measure 230.4 meters (755.9 feet) in length. It was designed so accurately, that the error of margin between the sides is less than 1 percent.

The Great Pyramid is made up of approximately two million blocks of limestone and slopes upward 51 °. Each block used to construct the pyramid is estimated to weigh more than two tons. It belonged to the pharaoh Khufu and once held his body; however, today the pyramid remains empty. The Great Pyramid is considered the last ancient wonder of the world standing today.




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