Thank you 🔷 @pradhumansingh 🔷 / Praduman Bhavrani for his view through these wonderful Marwari ears in the desert region of Rajasthan in India.

In the arid zone of India in Rajasthan in Marwar region a horse breed exists which is known as the ‘Marwari’, an elegant medium height, strong horse with an outstanding track record of bravery and loyalty in the battle fields of medieval periods. Famous for traveling long distances, they have strong feet and hooves.

The Marwari has his home in the area called Malani, which is part of Barmer district of Marwar, in the villages Nagar, Gudha, Jasol, Sindhari, Bakhasar, Posana, Badgaon, Daspan and some areas of Sanchore Tehsil of Jalore District and some area of North Gujrat. These areas are said to be the nucleus of the Marwari Horse.


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