Look mom..... NO EARS!
Thank you 🔷 @claresilke 🔷 for sharing this photo of your special pony. An amazing story. Go Driocth! ^^

She writes:  "This is Driocth and she's a full bred 4yr old Connemara. When she was born she was attached by a pack of dogs who ripped both her ears off. She is now completely earless but made a full recovery from the ordeal and can hear perfectly despite her 'unusual' appearance. I came to own her 2yrs ago and called her Driocth meaning Magic in Irish. Because that's what she is.

She is such a character and everyone who meets her falls for her confident personality. Broken and riding the last few months she's taken to it like a duck to water. For tacking up we have to either plait or loop some of her forelock over the head band... Hence her lovely purple gogo in the pic."

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