Individual Card | Norway


Individual Card | Norway

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5" x 7" Horizontal Card with Bright Green Envelope

photo | Adeline Broust Tiede, Tromsø, Norway

Copy on the Back of the Card Reads:

Ramfjord, Tromsø, Norway
photo © Adeline Broust Tiede |

 A French woman now happily living in northern Norway, Adeline enjoys riding  
Jektviks Bragd ( Bragd means Feat ), the Lyngen stallion, with views of some of the most breathtaking northern lights,
Fjord mountains, and ocean views in the world.  

The Lyngen Horse

Known as the Lyngen in the two northern regions of Norway, ( Troms and Finnmark ), and as the Northland horse in the southern regions, the Lyngen typically stands between 12 and 14 hands, is strong, versatile,
has a big personality, and loving nature.
As with many draft type breeds, the Second World War was almost the cause of their extinction. However after the war, they were recognized as a breed, and a fairly successful attempt was made to regenerate their numbers.
Traditional colors are chestnut, grey, bay, black, palomino, and buckskin.
Their temperament, easy to handle and willing to learn.

A portion of the proceeds donated to
The Equine Land Conservation Resource | saving land for horses and horse-related activities |

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