Individual Card | Morocco


Individual Card | Morocco

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5" x 7" Vertical Card with Bright Green Envelope

photo | Emma White, Meknes, Morocco

Copy on the Back of the Card Reads:

Meknes, Morocco
photo © Emma White |

Emma writes: “In my early teens I went on a riding holiday to the New Forest and another year to Cornwall.  I loved the idea that for one week the pony I was
allocated was ‘all mine’.  Jump forward 15 years and since my first trail riding holiday as an adult I’m thoroughly hooked.  I have now ridden in the UK, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Botswana, South Africa, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and if you count a small hack in the Hollywood Hills, then the USA too!  Unless there are horses, long hours in the saddle, an ever-changing vista and a bottle of dark rum
( essential for sore muscles and after riding through thunderstorms ) then it simply, to me, is not a holiday. I am forever thinking about the next adventure–the new horses to ride, friends to make, cultures and landscapes to explore and of course, the
wonderful images that are waiting to be captured.”


One of the ancestral breeds, the Barb has bloodlines as old, or older,
than the Arabian. Like the Arabian, it is a desert horse, however that is where their similarities end. It is believed that the Arabian and Barb bloodlines met at some point
during the Muslim conquests in the seventh and eighth centuries.
Playing a large part in the evolution of most Spanish breeds, especially the
Andalusian, the Barb blood also played a part in the modern day Thoroughbred.
Still found in plentiful numbers in Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia,
the stallions are traditionally used as the mounts for the Spahi cavalry.

A portion of the proceeds donated to
The Equine Land Conservation Resource | saving land for horses and horse-related activities

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