Individual Card | Morocco


Individual Card | Morocco

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Also available in box set of 10 cards— Collection No. 4
5" x 7" Horizontal Card with Bright Green Envelope

Copy on the Back of the Card Reads:
 Merzouga Desert, Morocco

photo © Joanna Bink Photographer | | |  

"Magical day on my stallion, Kheops, through the soft golden dunes of the Merzouga desert in Morocco where I've left a part of my soul of horse rider, traveller and dreamer. Experience from the Gallops of Morocco: 80 riders, 15 nations, one magical equestrian adventure, one human unique adventure!

Gallops of Morocco is an equestrian race which took place in February 2018 in Morocco with 80 horse riders from 15 countries. It's a Paris-Dakar style adventure with a 200 km loop across the deserts. I'm part of the organization team of this event, but I'm also a photographer, so I try combine both my passions. I'm a Polish native living in Paris since my childhood. When I’m not riding wild rides around the globe, my horse discipline of choice is polo at the Polo Club de Chantilly.”

A portion of the proceeds donated to
The Equine Land Conservation Resource | saving land for horses and horse-related activities |
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