Individual Card | South Africa


Individual Card | South Africa

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Also available inbox set of 10 cards—Collection No. 3

5" x 7" Horizontal Card with Bright Green EnvelopeCopy on the Back of the Card Reads:

photo © Rusty Steel  |

Rusty grew up in Zimbabwe on a farm with horses, so was in the saddle from when he was a child. He always loved wildlife and worked in the hunting industry in Zimbabwe for a couple of years before he decided to invest in a guiding qualification. That’s what brought him to Wait A LIttle Horse Safari, training with their neighbors, Bushwise, who offer one year ranger courses. That’s where Rusty found his true passion—horse safaris.


The two horses Rusty rides as lead are Sam and Bud. Sam, in this photo, is an eleven year old Selle Francais Friesian cross and has been at Wait A Little Horse Safari since he was five. Rusty says, "he is priceless and I wish we could have ten more like him. The trust and respect I have for that horse is limitless. He has gotten me out of many sticky situations, goes anywhere and does anything you ask him to do, no matter the situation."

"Bud is an up and coming seven year old Friesian Warmblood cross, bought at a stud farm up in the Drakensberg Mountains. He has been on the yard for four years now and I've been riding him as lead for the past two and a half years. He is like an old soul in a young body." 

A portion of the proceeds donated to The Equine Land Conservation Resource | saving land for horses and horse-related activities |

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